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Markus Nissl

PhD Student at the KG-Lab

Who am I?

I'm Markus Nissl, a PhD Student at the Knowledge Graph Lab

As a PhD student supervised by Emanuel Sallinger, my mission is to bring efficient, highly scalable temporal reasoning to Knowledge Graphs and in particular into the Vadalog system. This line of research includes symbolic (e.g., logic, rules, etc.) as well as sub-symbolic methods (e.g., machine learning, embeddings, graph neural networks, etc.). In addition, I am working on Blockchain-based Knowledge Graphs in various domains such as analytics, smart contract design or data structures.

Research Interests

Topics on which I am (or have been) working on and for which I am looking for collaborators or students interested in working on their project or thesis in this area.

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Knowledge Graphs

The heart of my research. Connecting the other lines of research domains.

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Temporal Reasoning

Working on scalable solutions for answering queries over temporal data.

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Connecting individual blockchain solutions to a coherent system.

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Studying the economic impact of Covid-19.

Smart Contracts Icon

Smart Contracts

Designing logic-based Smart Contract languages.

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I am always open for new topics and ideas. Contact me.

My Academic CV

Some highlights of my young academic career

2022 Data & Knowledge Engineering
2022 RuleML+RR
Sucessfully published the paper The Temporal Vadalog System.
ICDE 2022
2022 ICDE
2021 RuleML+RR
Sucessfully published the paper Towards Cross-Blockchain Smart Contracts.
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2019 Master Thesis
Sucessfully finished my master thesis Cross-blockchain smart contracts: invoking smart contracts across blockchains.
Winner of the Würdigungspreis. (Award for one of the best diploma and master’s degrees at all Austrian universities and technical colleges.)
2019 Research Internship
Participant of Summer@EPFL.
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starting with 2018 Teaching
Guest Lecturer and Teaching Assistent in various courses.
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Papers Published

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Awards Won

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(Co)-Supervised Students

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Have Any Questions?

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My Address

Room: HE0320
Favoritenstraße 9
A-1040 Wien

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